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William “Bill” Strobel, President

In home building nothing happens by chance.  Each step, phase and finish should be well planned, accurately priced, and crafted with quality.  Managing the process requires equal parts of knowledge and experience.

While building hundreds, if not thousands of homes since 1980, Bill Strobel believes one truth remains evident—there is no substitution for quality.  In his 35 plus year career Bill has had ample opportunity to apply this belief as a supervisor, construction manager and area president for two major builders.

Bill’s commitment to quality has been recognized numerous times over the years with quality awards for excellence.

Bill Strobel brings to the table a full range of management capabilities from product design and site selection to financing.  His quality-above-all approach to construction management will get the job done, on time and within budget.

So, enjoy a one on one relationship with your builder. A builder that is competent and confident that will allow you to sleep with sweet dreams, while your DREAM home is being built.


Custom Homes Built with the Personal Touch!!

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